SERVICE Use of e-Mobility Management Platform (eMMP)

Top Service Use of e-Mobility Management Platform (eMMP)

REXEV’s proprietary system, eMMP, works with the systems of various service providers to solve both the energy and transportation challenges of e-mobility.

eMMP (e-Mobility Management Platform) is a system that combines The eMMP (e-Mobility Management Platform) is the first integrated platform in Japan that links a system combining car sharing/fleet management and power management IoT devices installed in vehicles and chargers are linked to the eMMP.


The eMMP is designed with e-mobility in mind from two perspectives: the value of mobility and the value of storage batteries.
In addition to smart charging functions to improve efficiency of use as a vehicle and energy management functions to curb electricity costs, the eMMP also
It also supports the enhancement of resilience to be utilized as an emergency power source in the event of a disaster.
Fleet management system
  • Reservations can be made at any time from a smartphone or PC
  • Virtual key function that allows unlocking and locking the car from your smartphone (freeing you from key management)
  • Reservation status can be checked from the PC management screen
  • Reservation management function allows efficient operation with the number of vehicles
  • Can be used as a power supply vehicle in case of emergency
Power Management System
  • Charge and discharge control to prevent electricity rate increases
  • Smart charging to ensure the necessary amount of charge when vehicles are used
  • Priority charging of excess solar power generation to eliminate wasteful energy use

Add the value of VPP (Virtual Power Plant) to your mobility

The use of renewable energies, mainly solar and wind power, is expanding toward the realization of a “carbon-neutral society by 2050.
On the other hand, as the percentage of renewable energy of natural origin increases, the problem arises that the amount of electricity generated is affected by climate and seasons.
In order to achieve the same stable power supply as now, electric power (i.e., regulating power) will be needed to match the supply and demand of electricity.
REXEV remotely controls the on-board batteries of EVs and is creating a service to provide this regulating power.
While EVs can still be used as a means of transportation, they can also be used as a regulating force while parked, thereby contributing to the spread of renewable energy.
“Adjusting power” necessary for the diffusion of renewable energies
VPP (Virtual power plants) and EVs
A virtual power plant (VPP) is a system that combines energy resources such as solar power, storage batteries, and EVs with advanced IoT-based technologies to adjust the supply-demand balance of electricity. This system is used to adjust the supply-demand balance of electric power.

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