SERVICE Support for your EV car-sharing business launch

Top Service Support for your EV car-sharing business launch
Full-package EV car sharing platform
This service provides a full range of support for starting an EV car sharing business. In addition to providing a car sharing web platform application, we offer a full package of support services tailored to your needs, from arranging EV chargers and electrical work to EV procurement and car sharing market research.

What is the difference between REXEV’s EV car-sharing platform and traditional platforms?

Combined with renewable energy, carbon neutrality can be achieved.
Add new value for your current business
Improved convenience for hotel guests and residents of apartment complexes. Businesses can also use it as a business vehicle on weekdays and as a local transportation system on weekends and holidays.
Integrated support from EV car sharing platform to procurement of various equipment
We provide a wide range of support, from proposing car sharing business models to arranging vehicles, chargers, construction, and systems.

Plan Options

You can choose options to launch your EV car sharing business according to your needs.

Highly flexible plan
Original Brand Option
A total design plan for your own brand of EV car sharing business.
We will support the launch of your own EV sharing brand, including rate design, reservation application design, etc.
Recommended for companies such as
Companies wishing to start car sharing as their own branded business.
Companies that plan to expand their car sharing business in the future.
Companies that want to do their own unique marketing.
Companies that wish to set their own fee structure, etc.
Our customers
Small start plan
eemo Franchise Option
This plan allows you to start an EV car sharing business as a franchisee of REXEV's EV car sharing service "eemo" in the Odawara and Hakone areas.
The franchise format allows for lower start-up costs.
Recommended for companies such as
Companies wishing to start a car sharing business with a few cars to start with.
Companies that want to save initial costs.
Companies that want to use eemo brand and customer base as is.


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