Realizing sustainable social infrastructure that
everyone can move with ZERO marginal cost


Diffusion of e-mobility energized by renewable energy

Creation and development of the new transportation service with autonomous e-mobility

Establishment of Regional Circular and Ecological Sphere by offering transportation platform based on local resources


Think Locally, Act Regionally, Leverage Globally

Every thing is linked.

Small local issues in regional areas may seem as insignificant compared to worldwide problems. However, the elements under these theme are linked to each other. Population, environment and energy are also the same.

We see these issues from the world perspective, think locally and act regionally.


Competitive Advantage

A new future of e-mobility
made by experts in energy industry

As a professional of energy business, REXEV utilizes its special knowledge and relationships to create a sustainable society by approaching regional issues through renewable energy and autonomous driving technology of e-mobility.

Knowledge and experience of energy business
Broad network with local governments and local utilities
Mitigation of pressure
against environment,
Promote de-carbonization
Regional Circular
and Ecological Sphere
by local resources
Solving regional
social issues by autonomous EV
Free cost transportation

Issues that REXEV approaches


Diffusion of e-mobility energized by renewable energy

Contribution to the de-carbonized society with e-mobility

There is a worldwide trend in mobility that is shifting from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.
The same story is also happening in Japan.

Of course, electric vehicle requires electricity to move on.

By replacing traditional power plants to renewable energy power plants, we can achieve independence form fossil fuel, and promote de-carbonization in the field of power generating and transportation.

REXEV contributes to de-carbonization in the area of energy generation and distribution.

Toward “free marginal cost” in transport

Actually, renewable energy is overall economical.

It is often said that renewable energy is expensive, though once the plant is established the generation cost would be zero, since the it will run with natural energy: sun light, wind or water flow…etc.

This is how we realize the free marginal cost in electricity generation.

Power plants after securing payback for initial investment is able to generate electricity with almost 0$. If we can use that electricity for charging EVs, that mobility would be fuel cost free. In addition, this way of mobility is environmentally friendly.

One of the biggest difficulty of supplying renewable energy in a society is the heavy dependency on natural environment, and therefore, it is necessary to adjust the electricity amount of supply and demand through the utility. However, electrical vehicles would be the key solution for this challenge. The batteries in EVs can function as pooled adjustment power for the grid and utility. Moreover, if the charged energy in EVs is renewable, we can realize 100% renewable energy consumption in the whole society.


Why “REXEV”?

We design the future by
“Renewable Energy” and “Electric Vehicle”




Creation and development of the new transportation service with autonomous e-mobility.

Solving local social issues

The common challenge that everywhere faces: de-population. This social trend would cause numerous problems.

For exmaple…

Population Decrease
Low birth rate Aging population
Decrease in labor population
Decrease in tax revenue?
  • Decrease in tax income because of the decline of labor force
  • Increase in social welfare cost because of the grown number of aged population
  • Less expectation of growth in the future since the small number of youths, Less investment and less economic development
  • More isolated the local area is, more depopulation would go on, and at the end, it would be difficult to maintain basic infrastructure and social services
  • Literally the risk of “corruption” of local society

Is there a way to reduce the cost for maintaining basic infrastructure and make the social services sustainable?

Our answer is Yes, by introducing marginal-cost-free system in the society.

The fuel cost (which means electricity here) can be marginal-cost-free by using renewable energy. The transport cost as well by introducing autonomous driving technology.


High labor cost based on working time
Potential risk of transport fee raising
Insufficient number of drivers
Aging population of drivers


Solution driven by autonomous driving technology utilizing AI/IoT
Realizing zero marginal cost of labor expenses
Securing Sustainability with small number of drivers
Adapting to the problem of aging drivers

Marginal Cost Free Society

Sustainable social transport system independent from additional tax revenue or subsidies Social transport system which contributes to reduce accidents and improve safety De-carbonized social transport system with no environmental pressure

The marginal cost of transport would me nearly zero.
REXEV would create a social transport system that is safe, sustainable and environment friendly.


Establishment of Regional Circular and Ecological Sphere by offering transportation platform based on local resources

Think Locally, Act Regionally, Leverage Globally

Our aim is not only to provide solutions for local issues, but also to accumulate local resources* and create an economic circular in the local area. Moreover, by co-operating among different local areas, we can realize the Regional Circular and Ecological Sphere.

Cross sector knowledge of “local energy service” and “ local transportation”

Local energy companies
REXEV mobility platform

De-carbonized local transport system and Regional Circular and Ecological Sphere

By introducing local renewable energy into de-carbonized transport system and mobility service, we establish the circular system of energy, people and assets.